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why are YOU in BUSINESS?

Few Entrepreneurs or Small Business Owners ever really answer this question. 

sure, it's about delivering quality products and services, at a profit, That fill a need for a target customer and market. 

But how about foR STAKEHOLDERS LIKE you, your partners, OTHER shareholders... and your family? how do they play into this?

bottom line - It's about 

achieving maximum VALUe ... 

fOR CUSTOMERS AND STAKEHOLDERS, ALIKE, and A return on THE investment of capital, time and effort.

I'm Lonnie Sciambi - And I'm "The Entrepreneur's Yoda."  with 

over 35 years of experience with more than 300 clients,

i can show you How to deal with GROWth challenges, to 

BUILD,  maximize and realize VALUE and roi.

And that’s not just about plans…it’s about execution, tailored to your specific situation! That's where my experience and guidance really make a difference. 

Few entrepreneurs and small business owners focus on value while planning and growing their business. Fewer still on their “end game.” It's growing your business and building value that provides a return on your investment of capital, time and effort, when you are ready to exit the business and realize that value – your “end game.” But anybody can plan. "The Entrepreneur’s Yoda" will show you how to develop and execute those plans to achieve your maximum value.

No matter where you are in your value journey, I can help. Reach out to me today and we can schedule a 30 minute preliminary call, so I can better understand your situation and, potentially, show you how I can help you to get on your way to achieving maximum value!

Every entrepreneur and small business owner needs growth to build value. but every business, periodically, faces challenges to that growth.

Growth is challenging. What got you to one revenue level won't necessarily get you to the next. And, definitely won’t ensure profitability. You can't grow today's business with yesterday's strategies. And sometimes you’re actually growing too fast and you can’t control it. Growth requires change. And that change requires a better understanding of your situation and its roadblocks and problems and developing creative solutions to those roadblocks and problems before you can continue to grow. That requires an executable plan. That's where "The Entrepreneur's Yoda" comes in.

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It’s not just about growing your business, it’s about

The foundation of building value is creating and sustaining an employee-centric culture and a loyal customer base. "The Entrepreneur's Yoda" will show you how to create a culture that attracts and keeps great employees and helps facilitate and nurture a loyal customer base. This customer base enables you to feed growth and build value through more profitable delivery of your current and future products and services.

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Just like you need a plan for growth and building value, you need a plan for

How do you best capitalize on the value you’ve created?  How do you exit and monetize the maximum value for the business you’ve built? How do you ensure your employees are taken care of and the legacy you’ve created continues with proper succession? You plan ahead of time! "The Entrepreneur's Yoda" can not only help you put that exit plan together, but also take the lead in helping you realize and maximize that value by finding and negotiating with the right exit partner and creating the optimum transaction structure.

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Ask me the question that bothers you most.
I’ll answer in 24 hours.