Growth Challenges/
Creative Solutions

It’s hard to grow. You reach a certain revenue level and can’t seem to break through that level…sometimes for years.  And you’re not really sure why.  You’ve tried a half dozen different strategies and tactics with little or no results.But no matter how hard you try, self-assessment is at best very difficult; at worst, impossible.  You need an objective look.  One that will understand your business, in-depth, both its strengths and its weaknesses and not be afraid to call out obvious roadblocks that exist, that are causing problems or raising issues, regardless of longstanding policies, procedures or people.  Nothing is sacred!But just as important, be able to put an executable plan together that leverages those strengths and corrects those weaknesses, removes the roadblocks and focuses the company on the changes that will enable both revenue and profit growth.What this takes are two things: a commitment by ownership and senior management to change…and the Entrepreneur’s Yoda’s unique experience and process.

Advisory Services

Review, Assessment and Plan

  • In-depth business review – products/services; markets served; financial history/position; current strategies/plans; organization.
  • Identify the strengths, weaknesses, roadblocks and issues that are delaying or impacting growth.
  • Determine the cultural environment to determine how it has to change to form a foundation for the future growth.
  • Develop a plan with strategies and tactics for revenue and profit growth that leverages the strengths, corrects the weaknesses, addresses the roadblocks and issues and lays the foundation for a winning organizational culture.

Execution/Ongoing Advisory

  • Assist and advise on the execution of the plan to make growth happen.
  • Ongoing involvement to ensure that the company stays on course and advises/helps with course correction, as necessary.
  • Assistance in laying the foundation for a winning culture.


Having managed, turned around and grown more than a dozen companies, Yoda knows how to translate problems into solutions.  Solutions specifically for your business and for your future…not some “cookie cutter approach!”


Management Commitment

Revenue/Profit Growth


Identify/Resolve Roadblocks


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