Realizing and Maximizing Value through Exit

Selling a business can be the single most important decision of an entrepreneur’s or small business owner’s life.  It’s an emotionally-charged, often deeply personal matter for them. Your business is typically the single largest element of your asset base and estate, often with both real capital tied up and huge amounts of sweat equity invested.As important, it’s not just a company that has been created, but a culture and a legacy.  But with all this at stake, few entrepreneurs ever plan their exit.  Typically, they first really begin to think about it when a prospective buyer approaches them.  Or worse, when external pressures, like health, family or partner problems force the issue.  And even those that actually do some planning for their exit, find it can be an overwhelmingly complicated decision with layers of questions to be answered before beginning to move ahead and still more to consider once you do.  The exit from a business you started and own is the second most important exit you’ll ever have! And would you think of doing your most important exit without a will? Think of your exit plan as the will for your business!That’s where “The Entrepreneur’s Yoda” provides the real and special benefit of his experience with more than three dozen M&A transactions.

Advisory Services

Review, Assessment and Plan

  • Assistance with development of your specific financial objectives for an optimum exit and determination of what the potential strategic value of the company can be with the right partner(s).
  • Assistance with the development of the narrative and associated financials, that properly packages and positions the company for a transaction that maximizes the company’s strategic value.
  • Helping you develop a transition/succession plan that does not rely on your presence and provides your management team with comfort for their future.
  • Helping you develop a profile of your ideal partner and deal structure.

Execution/Ongoing Advisory

  • Developing and directing an efficient process that targets and finds those partners that are not only a good financial fit but fit best with your culture.
  • Developing the right transaction structure for you and your team, that maximizes your overall return.
  • Understanding and communicating with and to your team how the operation will function in the “brave new world.”
  • Assistance with and managing the closing transaction with other key advisors (like legal and accounting) that maximizes value for you and your team and is a “win-win” transaction for you and your new partner.


Having helped close more than three dozen buy side or sell side transactions, Yoda “has been there.” He knows how to structure the right transaction that maximizes the value you realize as well as to find the right partner that fits with your culture.


Exit Plan/Right Advisors

Profile of Right Partner(s)


Email “The Entrepreneurs Yoda” at to set up a conference call with you and your management team to talk about your specific situation.