Sales success is predicated less on how cool or dazzling a product is and way more on how much a customer feels the product (and the company selling it) can help them succeed. It’s all about the customer; their success generates your success. But it's also about creating and building on relationships. That's the essence of sales success - making it about the customer!  The talk is broken up into 5 critical segments:
  • Successful Selling Is As Much About Connecting With The Customer As Fulfilling Their Needs.
  • How To Grow Sales By Not Selling!
  • Myths That Inhibit Sales Success.
  • The Best Sales Advice You'll Ever Receive - "You Have To Give, To Get!"
  • To Achieve Customer Satisfaction, Focus On The Relationship, Not The Result.
And when it's done, the audience will walk away with some original insights, some fascinating "war stories" about real-live customers (the names have been changed to protect the guilty) and more than a chuckle or two. But more important they will have some new ways to look at old problems and get early and better sales results.

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